Space Cycling (Set by Ehohroma)

Space cycling Set by Ehohroma for breakaplate #013 August, 2014 Hot air masses and sounds to emergin

Quinoline Yellow (breakaplate Mix)

Quinoline Yellow Set by Quinoline Yellow for breakaplate #012 July, 2014 A musical journey in the ea

Interview with LM Williams (Quinoline Yellow | Tatamax)

Interview with LM Williams Electronic music treading haste while progressing and embellished in the

Noveller & Thisquietarmy_Reveries

Short dream features … Noveller & Thisquietarmy_Reveries Shelter Press, 2014 Through a lar


Come from the sky and end up in the lungs… Driftmachine_Nocturnes Umor-Rex, 2014 Glass box on

Breakaplate Presents: George Avramidis ‘Shadow Man’

From the noise of the city, the serenity of the countryside… Bronze response and spirited jazz

Breakaplate invites you to ‘Breaking Spring’

Breakaplate invites you to_Breaking Spring Coo, Thessaloniki Friday 02 May 2014 Breakaplate team wel

Silence Mince Dreams (Set by Procteaux)

Silence mince dreams Set by procteaux for breakaplate #011 March, 2014 Smells, stench. Pray, lie. An


anti-trance & acid-spy-psy-rave… Mobthrow_Unfolded Ad noiseam, 2014 “Spiritual” up to

Mogwai & Forest Swords_Live (06/02 BERLIN)

Mogwai & Forest Swords_Live Tempodrom, Berlin 06 February, 2014 Faithful – if belatedly &#

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #3 (Set by sugar45)

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #3 Set by sugar45 for breakaplate #010 March, 2014 “I would rather live my

Marsen Jules_Beautyfear

Typical conditions of trigonometry… Marsen Jules_Beautyfear Oktaf, 2013 Eerie , lonely, butt!


Drone with pop-ebow… Dalot_Ancestors n5MD, 2013 Sombre palette through intersected layers in t

Breakaplate Presents: J.Kriste, Master of Disguise ‘In the garden’

The diffusion of sounds through headset under… Smiles and hidden musical secrets behind the hi

Hozac Records

HOZAC RECORDS The right kind of music for the wrong kind of people! Yδρυτες: Τοdd Novak &