Don’t Stop The Word #1 – Granny Records

Don’t Stop The Word #1 Συνέντευξη – Βίντεο με την Granny Records Ε

Breakaplate Presents: George Avramidis ‘Shadow Man’

From the noise of the city, the serenity of the countryside… Bronze response and spirited jazz

Breakaplate Presents: J.Kriste, Master of Disguise ‘In the garden’

The diffusion of sounds through headset under… Smiles and hidden musical secrets behind the hi

Breakaplate presents: Dozen Draft ‘Ebony Grief’

Loops as a multiple process… Filters, uneven wiring and parameterized pop in tropical conditions.

Breakaplate presents: Monsieur Doumani ‘Out-of-touch guy’

The Cypriot folk modulate, deconstructed, multiplied … Traveling in seasons with nostalgia, pu

Breakaplate presents: KLANKI (FYTA Subdivision) ‘KLANKI SAGA (0.2)’

Klanki flares through warm air masses and multi-tone decompression. Dissolved loudness and tin choru

Breakaplate presents: Sonny Touch_Houndog

A faraway frame and distant city buildings like little dots … Through night’s serenity &

Breakaplate presents: The Banksters_Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster

Through walls and bowers and with a certain summer looseness, The Banksters compete with exotic mons

Breakaplate presents: Psychedelic Trips To Death_Jesus wants her to kill

Breakaplate presents Psychedelic Trips To Death. Unfisnished buildings, unfinished lives, love and d

Breakaplate presents: Still gramophone_Caged

Breakaplate presents Still gramophone. A visual presentation of their song “caged” from

Breakaplate presents: Emdy_Parenthesis

An audiovisual chronicle of two edges of a city as a creative source       credits: s


From headache to migraine… Rapid movements, anxiety, fear, nervousness…  “Migrain