Mama Luma_Splendid

It’s free jazz and generally free… Mama Luma_Splendid Wax Records/ Music Kitchen, 2014 W

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #4 (Set by sugar45)

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #4 Set by sugar45 for breakaplate #014 Ιανουάριος, 2015 What is love, m

Space Cycling (Set by Ehohroma)

Space cycling Set by Ehohroma for breakaplate #013 August, 2014 Hot air masses and sounds to emergin

Quinoline Yellow (breakaplate Mix)

Quinoline Yellow Set by Quinoline Yellow for breakaplate #012 July, 2014 A musical journey in the ea

Interview with LM Williams (Quinoline Yellow | Tatamax)

Interview with LM Williams Electronic music treading haste while progressing and embellished in the

Noveller & Thisquietarmy_Reveries

Short dream features … Noveller & Thisquietarmy_Reveries Shelter Press, 2014 Through a lar


Come from the sky and end up in the lungs… Driftmachine_Nocturnes Umor-Rex, 2014 Glass box on

Breakaplate Presents: George Avramidis ‘Shadow Man’

From the noise of the city, the serenity of the countryside… Bronze response and spirited jazz

Breakaplate invites you to ‘Breaking Spring’

Breakaplate invites you to_Breaking Spring Coo, Thessaloniki Friday 02 May 2014 Breakaplate team wel

Silence Mince Dreams (Set by Procteaux)

Silence mince dreams Set by procteaux for breakaplate #011 March, 2014 Smells, stench. Pray, lie. An


anti-trance & acid-spy-psy-rave… Mobthrow_Unfolded Ad noiseam, 2014 “Spiritual” up to

Mogwai & Forest Swords_Live (06/02 BERLIN)

Mogwai & Forest Swords_Live Tempodrom, Berlin 06 February, 2014 Faithful – if belatedly &#

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #3 (Set by sugar45)

Sleepwalker SCI-FI #3 Set by sugar45 for breakaplate #010 March, 2014 “I would rather live my

Marsen Jules_Beautyfear

Typical conditions of trigonometry… Marsen Jules_Beautyfear Oktaf, 2013 Eerie , lonely, butt!


Drone with pop-ebow… Dalot_Ancestors n5MD, 2013 Sombre palette through intersected layers in t