Aidan Baker/Troum_Nihtes Niht

March 13, 2013 in read, we review

written by Bob Coltrane

Murk everywhere…

Aidan Baker/Troum_Nihtes Niht
brokenspineprods/alone-at-last, 2013

Murk everywhere. Earthy stones moving slowly producing a tinny sound. In its core you let yourself go completely. One of who to be held responsible is Aidan Baker. Although he is consistent with coming up with a new release at least every month, he always avoids copying himself. Almost always till now he saved his best for when collaborating with others. Knowing that other artist’s different approach can help him make his next step forward. It is exactly in this way that the duet from Bremen called Troum, apart from the music collaboration the outcome of which is this 2-year-old live recorded album, convinced him to move from Canada to Berlin, which was to leave a mark on Aidan’ s future course as an artist.

Here, music can hardly be characterized as easy or trite. On the contrary, it is characterized by a  consistency and a depth that make comprehending it take some time. Titles refer to the four cardinal directions with each composure being a lengthy and  murky track. Even though colorings derive from guitars, sounds seem to be unspecified. With no exaggeration, distortions form a perverted silence that still has a beginning and an end.

A reference should be made to the recording collaboration of Nadja in 2010, consisted by Aidan and Leah Buckareff, with Troum again, titled Dominium Visurgis. Another one on a gaunt road after a weak rain that didn’t manage to clear the atmosphere.

Surely this record does not signal the end of this artist’s journey, even though it has a certain catastrophic attribute to it. On the other hand, it is a perfect way to start connecting with a restless spirit like Aidan Baker and his sound perception of dreams that is evident in all of Troum’s music..


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