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July 30, 2013 in watch

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Το πλάνο μακρινό και τα κτίρια της πόλης σαν μικρές κουκκίδες… Μέσα από την νυχτερινή γαλήνη το “houndog” διασπάται και ανασυντάσσεται χάριν της απόλυτης ακουστικότητας. Η κίνηση θεατρική, αυθόρμητη, ψυχογενής, μας φέρνει στο μυαλό ιστορίες για ένα απροσδιόριστο αλλά διαστημικό καλοκαίρι. Ώρα να πέσουν οι κεραίες και να ανάψουν τα φώτα… O Sonny Touch και η παρέα του είναι εδώ για να σας διηγηθούν την δική τους διαφορετική ιστορία.


shoots+cuts: procteaux

sound engineering: stereotype

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backstage photos

photographer: procteaux

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about Sonny touch:

Dimitris Tatsis was born in Paris France in 1981. He is an active musician producing under the moniker Sonny Touch. Two years ago he released his first personal work, titled “Brain Soup”, in which he had written both music and lyrics and since then he has had numerous live performances in festivals in Greece (Reworks 2011, Music Day 2011 at Volos) and abroad (Fusion Festival Berlin, Panda Theater Berlin). As a teen, he played guitar in various bands of different genres recording in several independent albums. He has collaborated with dance theater groups as well as with the National Greek Theater as a side musician. Sonny Touch is currently recording and working on new material for the new album, which is to be released in the middle of 2013.

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